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Best Feature Film

Public Intimacy

By Luciana Canton

Best Int'l Documentary

Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things 

By Mark Woods

Best US Documentary

The Lavender Scare

By Josh Howard

Best US Short Documentary

Rainbow Day Care

By Horacio Marquinez

Best Int'l Short Film

No Matter What Happens, I Love You

By Justyna Mytnik

Best US Short Film

Walk For Me

By Elegance Bratton

Best Animated Short Film

Open Recess

By Amy Xu

Best Student Short Film

Let Us End With It Too

By Caisha Lea Thompson

Best Teleplay

Cheetah in August

By Anthony Bawn & Brentley Bawn 

Best Music Video

Stars Beyond

By Rory Pearson

Best Screenplay

5 Things Not To Feed a Baby

By Todd Jackson

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